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Mobile Payments

Supports in-store credit cards, pre-paid cards, Gift Cards through mobile apps.

Merchant App

Merchant app to process on-premise payments and award points for loyalty programmes.

Wallet App

Organize multiple cards into single wallet, retrieve them based on popularity or nearby.

Pluggable Modules

Pluggable app blox for in-store campaigns, recommendations, loyalty points etc.

NFC Plus

Not all phones are NFC enabled, supports QR-codes, bluetooth smart ready devices

Big Data

Maintains big data for restaurants and provide personalized offers for their customers.

Fill a Form Get App

Get customized mobile app with merchant branding by simply filing a form in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a consumer, how do I get points?

M2 is AppVoyage trade name, m2 stands for money & marketing. We provide consumer and merchant applications to process on-premise payments and support customer loyalty programs through mobile devices. Member Card application gives consumer unique member id upon activation, based on his profile information. Merchant app scans member id (QRcode) from consumer app (PPCard) to award points or deducts authorized payments from account balance. Currently AppVoyage provides contact less payments through vast number of bluetooth enabled phones to exchange account information, invoices or award points.

I am a merchant, how do I signup ?

Went through many loyalty programs (stamp-cards, points) offered in the market and crystallized them into templates. By filling in the template in minutes by any business, customized loyalty program will be generated, hosted, our platfrom creates a mobile app for android, iPhone app store. Merchant loyalty program will be available to mobile wallet users as well, hence consumer can find a merchant and enroll instantly. In your store specific application, merchant can offer merchant specific services, like in-store campaigns, recommendations.

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